Don’t eulogize tier-3 colleges.

Don’t eulogize tier-3 colleges.

Fact: “Success rate is very-low there”.

Whether the course is engineering, management or any other professional course, the fact is, top colleges offer better opportunities. 

No exposure in tier-3 colleges.

Many newspapers & folks eulogize successful people coming out from tier-3 colleges (nothing bad about it as it inspires the majority of the students in tier-3 colleges to work-hard & realise their dreams).

The point to be noted here is that “those people are self-made” (negligible role of  the college in their success).

Without an exception, they have to go through series of failures. Reasons:

■ No relevant connections

■ No industry exposure

■ No special treatment (“tag” works at many places)

■ Poor faculty & infrastructure at majority of the tier-3 colleges

■ No proper guidance

The another thing to be taken into account is that “no culture of dream”. Folks are very much comfortable with the idea of “just a job” & “just a modest life”.

Life is hard & the only way to realise your dreams is extreme hard-work. May be no other way!

The only good thing ~ you can take risk.

P.S. The only good thing about studying at tier-3 college is that “society expects less from you” & you have not very much to lose & hence you can take adequate risk.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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