Why degrees lose shine?

Why degrees lose shine?

Why degrees lose shine?

In real-life degrees can only help you to get to the interview table & at maximum a job.

## Used as a Filter.

Once you are in the job & looking for a change, no one usually cares much about your graduation college & degree because by this time the expectations are in terms of your experience, skill & expertise

So, degrees after few years work as a filter for the recruiters. 

## Poor Back-up.

Degrees are poor back-up.

Degrees do act as a back-up. But that is never a good choice. You can also opt for distance-learning mode. Why should one spend too much efforts & money on things that are very ephemeral? Hence, full-time degree after graduation may be a poor choice.

Degrees lose shine because a business doesn’t runs on “degrees”. Here, the employees & managers are expected to learn & grow as per the industries demand else they are left out. Why would a company hire someone who just has a degree? 

Therefore, be job- ready & not degree ready because you can acquire degrees anytime in life.

P.S.1. Invest heavily on acquiring new skills.

P.S.2. Incentives & promotions in private sector are performance-based so you need to show results.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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