How to win someone’s confidence?

How to win someone’s confidence?

#1. Show Results.

Show results.

{this is real-stuff}

Anyone is the world will start trusting you once you establish a symmetry between “what you say” & “what you do”.

If you say something & put your 100% efforts in it then slowly & gradually people start to take you seriously. They will begin to depend upon you. That’s how one gets the most responsible position in an organisation or the best-of-the-best deals.

#2. Keep sending personalised messages.

{this is emotional stuff}

Keep sending personalised messages.

You might be working till late night or waking up early. That’s a good sign. But it would be far more better if you could keep your co-runners/partners

/investors/family/friend informed about it. They will know that you are working hard & sooner or later they will support you to the fullest. 

It will also help you in creating a very positive environment around you.

Personalised messages could be:

“We are not going to quit, until we are there!”Or

“At no cost, we are going to quit”.

Never forget that when we are going through the darkness, it’s the connectedness that we feel with others helps us to come out of it. We do need “positive support” in times of our hardships.
So, keep producing results & do not miss out sending personalised messages.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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