Who will be the Tony Robbins/Robert Kiyosaki of India?

Who will be the Tony Robbins/Robert Kiyosaki of India?

Tony Robbins. PC: wiki

This post presents you with a very beautiful opportunity of life time. Think over it & with an open mind.

Interestingly, there is no Tony Robbins/Robert Kiyosaki in India. There is still a vacuum as far as Personal Finance Trainer is considered in India. So, you can be one!

Also, there are many things that Tony Robbins/Robert Kiyosaki teach about but which are not applicable to Indian Financial Markets.

So, there is a need of someone who can consolidate the financial knowledge & present it in language that masses of India can relate to.

## Analysis.

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. PC: wiki

Many folks in India have now started attending seminars & conferences spending substantial amount of money. The future of this industry seems very optimistic  (*I’m speaking from my own experience).

Usually people don’t care about the speaker as essentially people take such events as networking events & they are there to expand their connections base. 

## What is required?

Only two things are required. First is Financial IQ (*which can be developed) & second thing is Personal Branding. Give yourself time~ 1-2 years & with hard-work & determination you can be the Tony Robbins of India.

## Am I into this?


From today I’ll be using “Amit Yadav – Tony Robbins of India” & “Amit Yadav- Robert Kiyosaki of India” in my blogs (this is the first step as “what you project yourself to be” is taken seriously if you are working hard). I will be focusing on building assets & personal branding & I’m sure I’ll reach there by 2019.

P.S.1. Use Social Media for Personal Branding.

P.S.2. Many in India have written books on personal finance but their books lack innovation & they have not invested much in Personal Branding.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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