Is technology ruining relationships?

Is technology ruining relationships?

Is technology ruining relationships?

The relationships that get ruined due to technology are only those “which demand your time”.

Like those of bf/gf, spouse, etc. because they require your time & attention ~ in real life as well as in virtual life.

There has been no impact on my relationships with kith & kin & family members due to social media.

## Proof.


We all tend to have 100s & 1000s of friends {many people even reach the maximum limit of 5K} on fb. But with how many can we really remain in touch with? Our time is limited, so, we usually have get-togethers on weekends with close friends. They are our real-friends.

But when it comes to counting deteriorating relationships we include all those friends over fb & other social networks who had unfriended us, started ignoring us, etc.

Also, in the past, we used to get disconnected due to relocation & so there were very less chances of meeting again, only the medium was telephone or mail. It doesn’t used to be very frequent.

Now, the need of all-time-connected has only led to severing of the ties. One may be busy in work or may not be in situation to reply you back & if you take it as “the message got seen but he/she responded after …. minutes then it will add only to reduction in trust in the relationship.

Researches show that those who spend more time online tend to feel more socially cut-off & don’t enjoy mingling in real-life.

## Why should you meet in real-life?

When we meet people in person, shaking hands, kissing, giggling together, etc. leads to hormonal activities (release of hormomes),so real life is very vital. Hence, limit the use of social media & technology-driven mingling platforms.

Excess of virtual life is dangerous.

P.S.1. It is the excess use of telephone, Social Media, etc. that is ruining the relationships.

P.S.2. Use social media intelligently & you can build great relationships using it. Just make sure it is followed by meeting in real-life.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


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