What 1 decision will change your life forever?

What 1 decision will change your life forever?

You are alive…

Just make a decision that you are going to live your dreams no matter what. 


“You are alive is a proof that you can live your dreams as well”- Er. Amit Yadav

Say “YES” to the below situations:

What if dreams meant going through pain?

Yes, I’ll endure it.

What if it meant going alone in the long journey?

Yes, I’ll go because “सपने मैंने देखे हैं।”

What if it meant sacrifice? 

Yes, I’ll will. Everything except family & their aspirations. 

What if it meant working like a maniac?

Yes, will do.

Till the last breath…

If you are determined to go to any lengths, you will succeed in life. It just takes your “yes” to realise your dreams.

No matter what your age, conditions, etc. if you are crazy for your dreams then stay assured that “it is soon going to become a reality”.

Chasing your dreams till the last breath, must be your resolve!  

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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