How to attract right people in your life?

How to attract right people in your life?

Attract right people in your life.

#1. Seem powerless.

People are attracted by money, status, power, etc. So, the first principle is not to spend money on “useless” things. It gives an indication to others that you might be having a lot of money. The second principle is to be humble. Don’t pretend to be powerful & boast that you can get this & that done.

Driving a big & fancy car is risky. Not only it is expensive & yields no returns to you but also it attracts wrong people into your life.

This eliminates the people who might flock into your life just because of money, power, or for any other benefit.

#2. Focus on hard-work.

If you are hard-working then only people who will get attracted by you will be those who are hard-worker themselves or those who wish to.

You should sound boring to people who are not hard-working. Hold little or no conversations with them.

#3. Be natural. 

Be natural.

Don’t try to impress anyone & don’t go beyond what you normally do for others in terms of care & help. It ensures that only the people who genuinely love & care for you remain in your life. 

Also, it is no fun to go wild & far from “what you really like to be”. Let people accept you the way you are@@

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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