The best career advice ever.

The best career advice ever.

The best career advice.

Once you are out of college, follow these tips & you will soar high in career:

Equip yourself with the in-demand skills & knowledge. Put them to work & you will shine. 

## Don’t look for friendship.

Family first.

It is hard to find friends in corporate sector. May be that’s why we use the term “connections” in general. 

Rely on your college friends. 

Become more family-centric.

》Spend more time with family members {always}.

## Weekends.
Weekends are off but only for those who wish to remain employees forever. If you wish “something else” then you have to spend your weekends working hard.

## 12 hours each day {including weekends}.

At least work hard for 12 hours each day. Keep on learning & growing. 

## Eliminate.

Eliminate the things you don’t like from your life.

Focus on your goals.

Avoid going to parties, if you don’t like them. Avoid being with people you don’t enjoy. Make your life simple. Be clear on your goals & dreams. And don’t stop until you achieve them.

P.S. what will be helpful to you in the long-term is your skills & knowledge, few friends & family. Rest everything is very volatile. So, must be avoided. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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