Why average people succeed in the long run?

Why average people succeed in the long run?

While you sleep someone is off to work.

Life is long. The victorious are the ones who are most persistent. Who is the most persistent? The one having a “life of survival”.

If you have to work really hard to just earn two meals a day, will it not force you to come out of your comfort zone?

Yes, it will.

What happens with most people who succeed very early in life is that they tend to live in their comfort zones & after some time it becomes very hard to push beyond one’s comfort zone.

But life of an ordinary guy is a struggle each day. He has to stretch his comfort zone each day to be a meal winner. 

He has to keep himself on toes for whole day to ascertain that he has earned enough for the family. 

He becomes superman when he gets requisites skills, builds contacts & has the resources to develop & grow. He then has truly no competition.

Suppose yourself to be going out of your comfort zone each single day. Would not you be more stronger & stiff?

It removes fear inside you & let’s you to be more confident & allows you to take more risks.

Success lies outside the comfort zone.

P.S. There is no competition to people who keep expanding their comfort zone. Comfort zone is cosy but is also inhibits one’s success. The success lies outside the comfort zone.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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