What are the advantages of a failed start-up?

What are the advantages of a failed start-up?

Start-up is always win-win.

When a company visit for a placement in a college, it lays down the eligibility criteria, stages of selection, salary, etc. At no point of time the college students have any say in “negotiation of salary”.

They have only one choice- either sit for them or let them go.

## Failed Start-up.

The scenario is different when you have ran a failed start-up.

■ You have contacts & they can approve of your expertise & work & can also recommend you to start-ups. You get to know that there is no scarcity of jobs in the market. 

■ You would have developed various skills~ Telephonic skills, Pitching, Presentation skills, etc. which you can use in the process of “negotiation of salary”.

Life of Survival.

The life as a start-up founder/co-founder is “life of Survival” i.e. initially you run into loses & try to find out ways to “just sustain”. You find out ways to:

> generate income

> partnership with other start-ups

> grow by collaborating with other people 

i.e. you try hard to find a way out of “seemingly no possibilities”. And that in the long run allows you to stand out from the majority.

The experience & learnings from a failed start-up are precious. The one who holds them can turn coal into diamond.

Though your start-up may fail, but you as a person emerge out to be more stronger & stiff. Because in the journey you have learned how to manage people, your time, relationships, wealth, etc.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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