I loved a girl part-time & she became my wife.

I loved a girl part-time & she became my wife.

Don’t go by the literal sense of the title. I will break it for you to understand it clearly. But this very concept behind the title will make you successful in life.

## I loved a girl part-time.

I loved a girl part-time.

It means that I was not able to devote my full attention to her. That’s why it was part-time. But since I loved being in her company so I could talk to her after returning from the office though I was usually tired.
We could go out for a movie, sight-seeing, or something else most of the weekends. With time, love between us  grew by leaps & bounds. 

## She became my wife.

She became my wife.

We then reached to a point that we understood that we are made for each other. Everything was perfect, we liked each other & family supported us. Hence, we got happily married 🙂

Seems rosy?

Not at all. Apply the same to your life & you are bound to get results. 

Here, the girl you loved is “what you love to do” & by doing it part-time (on weekends & after office hours) over few years, “you had set up a business” which flourished well.

And in the end you married her (i.e. you decided to quit your job) & go full-time with your business.

So, the catch here is that “don’t underestimate what you do part-time” because one-day it may become full-time.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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