How you can 10x your income?

How you can 10x your income?

Phone + Internet + You = Passive Income

Internet has opened up many new avenues to generate substantial passive income.

You just have to learn how to build a website (or get it ready by someone else), increase traffic on it, fan base creation, SMM & SEO. This much learning unlocks the huge passive income flow to you.

## How? 

There are two ways:

## Individual 

Learn Online.

If you wish to make passive income via being self-employed than this route is best suited for you. You have to launch a website & get huge regular traffic on it (* at least 30-40K monthly views).

It takes hard-work of 1-1.5 years to do so. After that you can post on weekly basis. 

The another step is to learn “something new” & start another website on it. It will also take around 1-1.5 years to start generating revenue.

Next, go on doing this for 5 years. You will have 3 revenue generating websites. Even if you earn 20K from each then it is 60K which is not bad as it you can earn a lot by teaching “how to run a website & earn huge passive income”.

You can also focus on single website & growing it with time.

## Team

Next Big Company.

You can follow the same above steps but with just one change. Once your websites starts to get substantial traffic, hire people to scale it. By doing this you can grow into a big company. The only downside is that it involves learning everything that a start-up needs.

P.S. It will take at least 2 years to learm SMM, SEO & other stuffs to generate huge revenue from websites.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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