How to choose the right people to hang out with?

How to choose the right people to hang out with?

Right People.

Besides friends you must always hang out with people who are:

More Knowledgeable than you. It will give you the requisite exposure & knowledge to succeed.

■ More Hard-working than you. It will help you to inculcate a habit of hard-working which is a MUST.

“Quick to follow” i.e. who don’t require hand-holding. Else you will literally waste a lot of time without getting any results. This is the age of information & guidance. Those likely to succeed would be who are “quick to follow” & implement. There only way to outperform others in this ever increasing competitive world is by being quick in implementation with precision.

Big Dream.

■ Having a “BIG DREAM” & working religiously for it. Else you will become complacent in life. It is very crucial to be always surrounded with people who are chasing their dreams.

Bold & strong. The weaks will be the first to leave you in moments of crisis. Only the strong can take unreasonable decision to pull you up when you are falling  (*as he/she may also fall with you~ that’s the risk in such circumstances).

Big Heart.

■ Having a “BIG HEART”. This ensures that you are surrounded with kind & humble people. It allows you to stay grounded.

These are few qualities you must look in before you hang out with others because invariably you will inculcate some of their habits. So, you should only hang out with “great folks” besides friends.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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