How not to end up becoming a mediocre?

How not to end up becoming a mediocre?

“If you listen to the advice of the majority you will end up living a mediocre life”. – Er. Amit Yadav

## The Majority.

Mediocrity is a disease.

■ Majority of the population is risk-averse. So, the path chosen & suggested by them is of low-risk aka middle path. Usually it is study, get a degree & end up with a good job.

There is no dearth of graduates with degrees. So, for a particular job the Supply is far more greater than the Demand. Hence, the salary of entry-level jobs have remained constant. It has not grown with inflation. Now, you are expected to be “skilled”, have some experience vis internship, etc. to land up a good job for yourself.

■ Business is risky. Too much! At times you lose not only the money invested but also the time. But the real question is that if not now then when? It will only get difficult with time to set foot in business world due to automation, artificial intelligence, etc.

## Settle in Life.

Don’t settle in life.

The advice of majority is to settle in life after job. Though to shine, you need to work-hard till the end.

We are going through uncharted territories now. With more technological disruptions, advancement & R & D, it is difficult to sustain in the corporate world or in business without learning new skills & getting trained.

To counter excessive competition, you need to keep on working-hard at least for a decade before you can hire the best of the best (or you become the best of the best).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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