Why your success must be swift?

Why your success must be swift?

Bring swiftness in your life.

We all have this habit of procrastinating which is the first and foremost cause of our failure in life. We have this tendency to postpone things.

Our dreams gets pushed to new dates in future & this goes on until we realise we are in the last phase of life inching towards death.

## Swift.

Your success must be swift because until & unless you achieve your first success , you are left bereft of the successes which would then follow.

Dreams~ sooner the better.

Success begets success. So, you have to get some breakthroughs in life before you achieve something extraordinary. The legendary performance is build on these small, little & tiny successes which serve as a fertile soil for great successes/dreams.

But our habit of procrastination serves as a wet blanket. It inhibits us from realising our dreams.

So, the first step towards your dreams should be getting rid off procrastination in life.

It enables us to be swift in our approach & hence the results are favourable i.e. we go on achieving one success after the other. It builds the momentum required for achieving something impossible.

## Shortness of Life.

Life is short.

Life is short. The earlier you achieve your dreams the better! Your life will be like a flow of perennial rivers & evergreen forests once you materialise your dreams.

Why to wait for such days?

The sooner the better.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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