Why you must not trust the results of written examinations?

Why you must not trust the results of written examinations?

Keep the spark alive.

== Limited Scope. {Life is BIG}

May be you have received 0 out of 100 in Maths exams but that doesn’t means you are ZERO or a failure in life. It represents just an event in your life. Events are miniscule part of life.

Life is complex. The victory in life depends upon “your skills & knowledge”. One-day exams are insufficient to check your knowledge & its application. 

Those who are rote learners also succeed in exams but they may not necessarily succeed in life. Because life requires the application of “what you have learned”.

You can write an exceptional essay on “How to succeed in life” but that doesn’t equates to you succeeding in life.

Success in Life is about Will-power.

■ If you failed to clear IIT-JEE, CLAT, AIMS, AIPMT, CAT, MAT or any other exam then don’t get disheartened. Because in the game of life ~ the winners are those with iron Will-power & Determination.

Your success in life will be determined by your long-term hard-work & the will not to give up.

Hard-work speaks.

Isn’t it strange that average people also rise to exceptional performances? What does that means? They overcame their all the barriers with their hard-work in order to succeed.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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