Why you can fail again in 2017?

Why you can fail again in 2017?

“What we practice, we get better at it”.

What if you practiced “distraction”?

We in our life hardly practice “the right things”. We as a result get accustomed to making mistakes, relying to procrastination, becoming lazy, etc.

This amounts to our failures. In order to change results we need to practice the right things over a long-period of time. So, until & unless you change what you practice you will continue to fail.

## What you need to do?

Practice right things.

■ Instead of being lazy, force yourself to be active. 

■ Instead of being gloomy, try to be more optimistic & happy.

■ Instead of procrastination, get into habit of doing things “right now”.

Be focused.

■ Instead of gossiping, focus on work.

■ Instead of meaningless chats over fb or WA, focus on work.

Success will be yours.

In order to be successful in 2017 you need to break the bad things you have practiced over time that have ingrained in your personality now. 

This is one of the best time to break the old patterns & start forming new ones.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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