What is the true worth of relationships?

What is the true worth of relationships?

True relationships are invaluable.

We often undervalue the relationships in life. Let’s do some analysis to know what’s really the true worth of relationships:


From a friend you can borrow at zero rate of interest. Suppose you borrow 1L INR. If you borrow the same from bank it would be 12% i.e. extra 12K will be required for repayment of loans.

Relationships are invaluable.

12K is huge! 2 people can dine in a good restaurants for 12 days in a month with 12K. 12K is also equal to 1 month expenses of students. 
What if you borrowed more? Whenever a friend lends you money it is due to “trust” he/she has in you. So, that’s how really important relationships are! They don’t expect returns but just the amount they lended.


True relationships are invaluable.

They invest a lot of time in you in the form of assistance, advice, guidance, etc. They are available to you 24×7 when you are broken & you need emotional support. 

They also spend their previous time with you which they could have otherwise used for something else.

So, true relationships are invaluable. It would always be a wasted attempt to try to calculate their worth.

And at last, what about the fun, happiness & positivity they bring to your life?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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