Proof that unparalleled love exists. 

Proof that unparalleled love exists.

Unparalleled love.

We often tend to undervalue the love we receive from our parents. They have been pivotal in our success (*whatever little or much we have achieved).

On the other hand, we tend to over-value the love from peers. The love, care & concern from the peers may emanate from the “needs”.

Family Love.

The love you receive from the family is unparalleled. 

■ Your family members may not call you many times a day but you remain at the core of their heart.

■ Your family members keep praying for you.

■ Your family members will surely stand by you in times of adversities.

Did you ever ponder over why your family members never forget your b’day? Did you ever find out time to dig in why they always fulfilled your wishes though sometimes the deadline was not met?

This year, spend more time with your family members. You will realise how lovely they are!

Family matters.

“कहीं दूर जाने की जरूरत ना थी,

बस दरवाज़ा ही खटखटाना था,

कहीं दूर ना थे हमारे चाहने वाले,

बस हमारा उनसे मिलना ही काफ़ी था।”- Amit Yadav

The love you are looking for is at your home. Don’t look for it outside.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


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