How many books you have to sell to be rich?

How many books you have to sell to be rich?

1L is a good number. If the royalty you receive on your book is 60% & it is priced at 150 then royalty per book is 90 INR.
By selling 1L copies:

Royalty = 90 × 1L = 90 L

## Is it Easy?


It’s hard to sell 1L copies.

Most writers struggle even to sell in hundreds. You cannot sell 1L copies via your contacts i.e. Direct Selling. It requires:

Massive Marketing: you might have written a nice book but until & unless it gets into hands of readers, it will not register sharp sales.

Content must be extraordinary: No one will buy your book & appreciate it if it doesn’t leaves them with an extraordinary experience. Content of the book needs to be really of great standard & quality.

For huge sales~ great content is MUST.

Huge investments: you need to invest huge money (for marketing & advertising) & time (for penning down high quality content) to hit 1L sales.

P.S. to earn 90 L as an employee is really hard. It takes decades! If your books sells in good no.s then you can be hopeful of earning 90L via royalties in just few years.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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