Aim for being a partner rather than an employee.

Aim for being a partner rather than an employee.

Become a partner.

It takes a decade or more to raise an ordinary company to a brand. It requires huge capital, varieties of skills & time.

The easiest path in life is to become an employee. You just need to get a degree & some skills.

But think beyond that…. that is becoming a partner.

## Start a small company.

Start a small company. Your products or services should be of such quality that Big Brands become your clients. They will take your goods & services in bulk. That’s an advantage. Also, such partnerships are long-term in nature if you continue to provide high quality goods & services at competitive price.

## Buy a franchise.

Be a partner.

If you are business minded but don’t have skills, human resource, knowledge & expertise of running a business then franchise is the best option. You will get a share of profit & it involves less risk as the operation procedures are standardised by the brand. They will also train you. You just have to take care of the “sales”.

The good thing is that you are relieved of the most of the headaches. Hence, it won’t require your much attention & time therefore allowing you to do “something else” as well.

## Benefits.

– Partners get to meet with the top-brass of the company on a regular basis. Hence, huge scope of learning.

– Employees don’t get much opportunities except in the form of foreign travels, business events & meets, etc.

– You can earn more with less work.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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