Your job doesn’t proves that you are SMART.

Your job doesn’t proves that you are SMART.

Your job doesn’t indicates your Smartness.

Your job cannot decide whether you are smart or not.

Job is a very small part of life~ at max 1/3rd of the life.
Though the importance of your job cannot be ignored or ruled out completely but it is also not the everything.

So, don’t use it as a parameter of success. What you do besides your job is more important. 

## Relationships.

Recall the last time you smiled?

How you conduct yourself in relationships determines level of happiness in your life. If you are surrounded by happy & optimist people then it makes you cheery automatically. 

## Enjoyment.

Enjoy your life.

Earning million dollars is a waste if you don’t enjoy your life. What money can do when you are sad? Nothing. You can sit in a 5-star restaurant but that doesn’t helps in diminishing your sadness.

## Family.

At the end of the day the most satisfying thing is to find your family happy. It is possible only when the environment of your family is very positive & caring. It requires your time, attention & love to make your family space lively.

{You must know how to crack few jokes when around them :)}

## Satisfaction.

Are you satisfied in your life?

Satisfaction comes from doing what you love to do. Life is hard when you do “what you hate” to earn a living. It can never be a source of satisfaction except when you receive your pay-cheque every month.

P.S. Don’t flaunt about your job & paycheck. Look beneath, are you having fun in your life?

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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