What is the importance of 30 seconds in life?

What is the importance of 30 seconds in life?

Speed up your growth.

In a Bank PO competitive exam conducted by IBPS, on an average you get a little more than 30 seconds to solve 1 question. Same is true for CAT exam too where speed & accuracy play a key role. 

One single correct question can get you a PO job in PSBs. While one wrong question can shift your dream by next 6-12 months. 

## What if you viewed “30 second” in new light?

Accelerate your life.

We usually ask for more time in examination hall but not in life. Why? Isn’t life an exam? Performing in the exam of life is far more important than in any competitive exam.

♢ Don’t waste your “30 seconds”.In 30 seconds you can solve a puzzle, read a small article, make a meme, etc. If you begin to utilise these “30 seconds” then you will surely excel in the test of life.

Keep an eye on time & speed.

Increase your speed. Try to find out activities that you take 2-3 minutes to complete. Try to finish them with perfection in “30 seconds”. It is all possible. 

May be you just need to increase your:

– typing speed

– writing speed

– reading speed, etc.

P.S. You can begin with watching movies at 2x speed & then slowly & gradually move to 3x & so on.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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