How to get a job without an interview?

How to get a job without an interview?

Frightened of interviews?

If you are a master of one single skill then you can get a job based on your skill & conduction of interview becomes irrelevant. It is so because interview as a process of selection criteria is conducted only for job roles that require interpersonal skills. Skill-specific jobs prerequisite is just “highly polished skills”.

## Freelancing & Skill-based jobs.

■■ Skill-based jobs.

Skill-based jobs do not require you to face any interviews (in most cases). If there are interviews then they are restricted to specific skills.

If there is a job of coders & pay-scale is high (8 LPA or more i.e. recruitment of a senior programmer) then the selection criteria would involve only a coding test or PI related to coding.

■■ Freelancing.

Freelancing _ Work Sample.

If you are a freelancer then what recruiters ask from you is your “work-samples” & at maximum it would be followed by a telephonic interview  (*mostly just to make you aware of company policies, salary & perks, etc.).


♢ If you are a freelance graphic designer then they are your designs. 

♢ If you are a freelance content writer then they are the articles which you have written  (or they may ask you to write a new article on a provided topic).

♢ If you are a freelance coder then they are your previous projects samples like Apps, websites, etc.

♢ If you are a freelance  translator then you are required to translate a sample given by you.

That is you just have to send web/blog links of your works to your client. Freelancing is also skill-based. So, they aren’t interested in your degree, educational qualifications, interpersonal skills~ they just want good work.

So, become the best of the best in one single skill. You can evade the interview process then.

P.S. Interviews are only a barrier for entry-level jobs. Once you have experience of 3-4 years, you get new jobs based upon your expertise, knowledge & skills {your previous job plays a key role as your previous designation speaks about your salary, job role, skills you would be having, knowledge you would have acquired, etc.}.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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