How CEOs get the finest details?

How CEOs get the finest details?

CEOs~ source of infos.

## Top Executives.


CEOs are surrounded by the top executives of the company. He/she keeps  on receiving infos from them. They directly report to him/her. Since, CEOs remain in touch with the smart & the best of the best employees so they get the “finest details” from them.

## Meetings with CEOs.

CEO of one company meets with CEOs of other companies in business events, investors meets, conferences, etc. They not only share business ideas with each other but also “new trends” in their industry.

This helps CEOs to keep up with the trends in the industry.

## Understand This.

They remain in touch with “best of the best” in person.

CEOs of big companies keep in touch with top experts, analysts, commentators, etc.

So, they are personally in touch with people whose article you read in newspapers or people whom you see on T.V.

So, they have the finest infos with them. It keeps helps them to keep an eye on how market will be in future & hence promotes better decision making.

P.S. May be right now you cannot meet in person “best of the best” people in the country. But you can read their books, follow them on twitter, watch them debating on T.V. , etc. It will help you a lot to accelerate your life.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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