Why you must be active on LinkedIn?

Why you must be active on LinkedIn?

Because if you have good credentials then opportunities flock to you on LinkedIn.

■ May be you may not be in a mood to start something new but when people approach you with an exciting idea then your mood may change.

■ Recruiters are looking for candidates on LinkedIn. So, your presence is must.

Use LinkedIn to grow.

Get noticed. It is a good platform to showcase your work if are a YouTuber, SMM, SEO Expert, Content-writer, Short-film maker, Graphic Designer, etc.

■ Instead of reading feeds on fb, do it on LinkedIn. Far better!

■ You can get connected to like minded. It helps you to grow in your profession. 

■ Discussions going on LinkedIn are relevant to you. Reading them will h9elp you to take right & better decisions.

■ You also get to know about market trends.

Insights on market trends.

■ You also get invitations for partnerships. Being a partner with a company is much better than being an employee.

■ If you get an offer from any other company to join it then usually they give 30% raise in your current CTC.

■ You can earn well if you use LinkedIn platform properly. You can earn as a freelance HR, freelance recruiter or working as a consultant.

With time more new opportunities are going to materialise on usage of LinkedIn.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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