What is the demand of the time?

What is the demand of the time?

Be Dynamic.

The demand of the time is to be “dynamic”. One cannot sustain in today’s world if one remains stagnant, narrow-minded & risk-averse.

In a highly globalised world driven by open markets, competition has become cut-throat.

To avoid competition & settle for a low-paying job is not a solution. One has to be bold & risk friendly in order to succeed in ever-increasing changing scenario’s.

So, what can you do?

## Be Dynamic.

Be Dynamic.

● Take lay offs positively. In near future, lay offs will be the norm due to automation & shrinking of labour-intensive industries.  More self-employmemt opportunities are likely to come up.

● Focus on being updated with new skills & technologies. Carefully observe the trends in market & make suitable choices.

● The time demands out of you to be more serious about online businesses. Learn about them & make investments~ make profits or losses but don’t sit idle.

Keep Moving.

● The thing to be kept in mind is “keep moving”. If you stay for long, you will perish. The principle you must stick to is “do not stop”.

P.S. Progressive people never fail in life. They find something or the other thing to stay on because they make things happen with their hard-work.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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