The most important factor in success is YOU.

The most important factor in success is YOU.

People who remain successful throughout their life are living proof of the fact that “most important factor in your success is YOU”. 

“YOU” is the most important ingredient of success.

As in the long run:

♢ you will fail miserably, 

♢ you will be stabbed by close friends,

♢ what worked in your 20s won’t work in 30s or beyond (i.e. you have to keep re-inventing, hard-working, etc.),

♢ you will have a time when you will have to walk a long, narrow & dark phase in your life all alone,

♢ many relationships will break, etc.

Hardships are part of life.

Hardships & setbacks are inseparable from life. One has to face them. 

Many people get broken in times of crisis, some stay standstill, unaffected showcasing strong will-power & determination.

So, “much” of your success depends on YOU:

♢ How you conduct yourself when you are confronted by series of failures,

When “Time” is adverse?

♢ How you deal with relationships when time is hard,

♢ How you uplift yourself when everything is falling apart,

♢ How you stay focused in most devastating situations, etc.

So, to be successful in “life” requires “YOU”.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav


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