Proof that life is unfair only in the short-term?

Proof that life is unfair only in the short-term?

Hard-work makes a difference.

Most of your school & college friends would have been born in the same year. Except that nothing may be common in between you & them.

History is not the same for everyone. Some are born in a well-off family, some in midde-class & the rest in a family that struggles financially. 

That’s the starting point. Some may be at an advantaged position due to their birth in a wealthy family, place of residence, etc.

This is the unfairness of life. It is not permanent. Short-term.

## What happens in the long run?

Hard-work changes everything.

In the long run poor become wealthy & vice-versa. Status quo may also prevail (*but it is very unlikely).

■ Long term is an equaliser. If one works hard sincerely then the gap is bridged in less than a decade.

■ Those who are lazy to “adjust with changing times” witness downfall in life.

■ Hard-workers only prevail in the long-term.

Life becomes fair in the end. May be it holds no prejudices like humans! 

In the end~life is fair.

P.S. The quality of a person is revealed in the long-term. In short-term anyone can pretend to be a winner.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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