How to find what is worth your time?

How to find what is worth your time?

## Is it relationships?


I invested a lot of time in relationships but felt they are not worth my time (due to very negative responses).

Relationship building requires huge investment of your limited time resource. So, decided to stick to few close friends for the time being.

## Money? Is it?

Yes, but only to an extent. More money means you can make better decisions & investments. It enables you to lead comfortable life.

Realised that madness to accumulate money will take you nowhere. So, it is only partially worth your time.

## Work? Is it?

Doing what you love to do is worth your time.

It is ONLY WHEN you love your job. Your time don’t get wasted, you get paid, you find pleasure working ~ nothing could be better than this.

♢ You enjoy at least 9 hours each day.

♢ You don’t get tired or fatigued.

♢ You don’t need to compete with anybody as you will become exceptional (for sure).

♢ You have a more fulfilling life.

Worth your time.

♢ You can extend your working hours easily & hence better performance. It gets reflected in increased pay-checks.

♢ You wake up each day with smile. You will never face Monday Blues.

Hence, what you love to do is worth your time because you were happy doing it.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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