What is the earning potential of freelancers?

What is the earning potential of freelancers?

Earning Potential is huge in freelancing.

Freelancers earn as per their skills & expertise. Connections also play a role because if you have more connections then more projects flock to you.

Freelancers raise their per project/assignment charge with time as they hone their skills & inch more towards being professional.

## Earning Potential.

Earning potential of freelancers is huge. It just requires two things: Hard-work + 1 Skill.

Skill could be graphic designing, content-writing, logo-designing, etc.

Let’s suppose that you work for 12 hours each day & it takes 1 hour to complete an assignment. Cut out 2 hours in communicating with client & in getting new assignments.

Therefore, effectively you have just 10 hours.

You can earn approx. 4.5 times of that of entry-level engineers.

Let’s say you earn $5 / assignment then

In a month = 5 ($) × 10 (hours) × 30 (days) × 65 (conversion into INR)

= 97, 500 INR.

Is it really possible? 

Yes, if one has good skill sets & is hard-working. It requires 3-4 years of experience in freelancing to reach that income through individual freelancing.

P.S. To earn more you need to form a team of freelancers. By this way you can take Bulk Projects (that require more work & hence more payments).

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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