Knowing what 1 thing will make you successful?

Knowing what 1 thing will make you successful?

People are lazy.

## People are Lazy, Help them.
If I receive any query via text then I reply only when it seems serious & a lot of work has been done over it before approaching to me.

If the query is very general then I ignore them because it will eat away a lot of my time to let him/her understand “what I really mean”.

People are lazy.

I’m glad & happy to answer to queries which are new & unknown. Even I can go for Google search, book-reading, calling people who may have the answer, etc. to reply. 

So, what is clear from the above discussion is that “you have to help me in order to receive help” i.e. help me to overcome my barriers of laziness.

## What is “Help” here?

Be Active.

You have to behave in a manner that it shakes off the laziness in other person. 

♢ When you say Thank You, it excites other person if it is true & from the bottom of the heart. 

Result = more productivity

♢ When you laugh & smile & make others feel happy in your presence:

Result = better outcomes in the form of negotiations, deals, discounts, etc.

♢ When you are active, it motivates others as well. It’s contagious. 

So, the point is that you have to “homework” to kick off the laziness in people you interact with.

It first starts with shedding off your laziness & then of others you meet.

Be contagious.

It will make you successful as it makes the environment very positive & conducive for exponential growth.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav

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