How to make a girl/woman comfortable in chat on WA/social networking webs?

How to make a girl/woman comfortable in chat on WA/social networking webs?

Be Professional.

Due to many new generation folks using WA/social networking webs for flirting with girls, it becomes imperative that while you contact girl/woman it should be very professional. You should not suffer in your business or on financial fronts due to what “others” are doing.

## Start with “Hi, Name”.

Say Hi with Name.

Always use the format, “Hi, Name” when you contact for the first time. Even if you are contacting someone after many days it is advisable to use this format.

## End with “Regards, your name”.

Using the format, “Regards, your name” makes you sound professional because it is used widely in business letters & e-mails. You should use it on WA/Fb also whenever communicating to professionals (esp. female).

## Don’t Go Beyond.

Good communication is always specific. So, don’t beat around the bush. Be specific. Also, value your time & of others as well.

You messages must be short & to-the-point.

## Maintain Distance.

Be Professional.

■ Avoid discussing beyond the scope of your work. It tarnishes your image as a professional.

■ Don’t message when it is not required.

P.S. And those who are flirting using these platforms please STOP! You must start using Tinder (*lots of people like you there!)

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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