How I will make 1L in a month in 2017?

How I will make 1L in a month in 2017?

How I will make 1L in a month in 2017?

I’m only a part-time blogger. I wish to write full-time in 2017 at least for a month (you can expect in November 2017).

If I take one month leave & focus only on blogging then I can make 1L in that month. 


With my calculations relating to per blog earnings on NewsDog & estimates from UC News (will be partnering with them soon), I can make at least $5 per blog post.

## Time & Money.

Feasibility Check.

It just takes me 0.5 hours to compose a blog post. So, composing 10 would require 5 hours. Extra 1-1.5 hours for thinking & pondering  (* cannot compose any blog without something new striking into my mind).

So, total time required per day = 6-6.5 hours. 

Another factor is that I cannot write more than 3-4 articles at a stretch.

So, break of 1 hour in between would be nice.

Hence time required equates to 7-7.5 hours.


Earnings per day = $5 × 10 (posts) = $ 50 (approx.)

Earnings in 30 day = 30 × $ 50 = $1500 (approx.)

Converting  $1500 into INR: 1500 × 65 (exchange rates are dynamic)

= 97, 500 INR.

What will I need to do for this to materialise?

Hard-work ~ we often neglect it.

■ 3x more will power (as with ease I can write 100 blogs in a month)

■ More intellectual food (reading more books so that more new thoughts can emanate)

■ 3x Hard-work (to write posts)

P.S. Will love to try this in Nov. 2017. Right now my 1st priority needs more attention so can’t go for anything like this.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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