Why long-term is the biggest risk?

Why long-term is the biggest risk?

Enjoy in the short-term.

“Because in the long-term everything subsides”.

So, don’t put off things for future. You must get rich in short-term, you must have great relationships in near future  (if it continues for long-term then great), etc.

## In Business.

Make profits in the short-term.

When businesses are new mostly they incur huge losses leaving to few exceptions. But in the long-run profits become optimum. Therefore, gigantic profits are made only in short-term.

## In Relationships.

Short-term relationships.

Only rare few relationships remain intact for the long-term. Most relationships are based on give & take principle & hence gets diluted over time & eventually lose their significance.

So, at least ensure that there is good give & take in the short-term. Because ultimately most relationships will die over time.

## Passion.

Passion doesn’t lasts for long.

When you feel passionate about something~ make best use of it. Be more disciplined & determined in those days. Because it will not last for long. May be 2- 3 years at maximum.

P.S. 1. So, grow exponentially when the time favours you. Because it will subside eventually.

P.S.2. Who has seen the future? So, focus on short-term.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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