Why content-writing jobs are going to stay for long in India?

Why content-writing jobs are going to stay for long in India?

Content-writing is cool.

## Graduation.

Most of the folks in India lose touch with English/Hindi after 10+2 as far as writing is considered (leaving aside the all-time readers, passionate diary writers & English language graduates).

Also if one is going for graduation in disciplines of Science & Technology then there is a total cut-off from literature.

## No Campus recruitments for Content-writers.

No campus recruitment.

Most content-writers are recruited directly or through LinkedIn. The content based websites don’t require many writers. Just 5-6 content writers are sufficient with an Editor. So, there is no campus recruitment for writers (because no requirement of bulk hiring like TCS/Infosys/Wipro). Also there is very less likelihood of expected breed of content-writers being found in technical institutions.

## The global nature of websites.

Websites are global.

The websites in most cases are launched for global audience. Hence, English is the mode of dissemination of information. In India, as per most reports, only 5-10% of the population is well-versed in English. Out of them only very few are interested in content-writing. So, vacuum will remain for good content-writers for long.

P.S.1.  You can go for content-writing jobs because it also opens the path of freelancing. So, you can always make extra-income.

P.S.2. Most full-time writers are not interested in content-writing. So, competition is substantially less.

P.S. 3. From content-writing you can move on to script-writing which is very lucrative profession.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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