Why people fail terribly?

Why people fail terribly?

Be effortless.

People fail terribly in life because they want massive improvements in a very short period of time which however is near to impossible.

Isn’t it maniac to think that from tomorrow you will start doing everything with perfection, you will overcome all your evils, you will become more serious about your goals, etc.?

Slow & gradual ~ changes.

Many students instead of studying each day want to revise the entire syllabus in a day or two. How feasible is that?

Many students want to study for 18 hours each day. How practical is that? One can study for such number of hours when one is driven in life by passion (which comes & goes).

Many people want to be extremely successful in their first venture though they are not excited about the idea behind the business model. They neither have a first-hand experience of business nor they are willing to work-hard to the extremes (which is essential in the beginning stages of the business).

## What’s the way out?

Changes take time.

□ Start small. The beauty is that you don’t have to be very serious. You just have to be conscious about the progress. Let there be incremental changes over a long-period of time.

Starting small allows you to be in tune with Laws of Nature. It enables you to imbibe the virtue of achieving extra-ordinary results with ease.

Let there be a flow in life.

P.S. Let there be a continuous flow in whatever you do. Slowly & steadily you with learn the art of producing results without efforts. The changes taking place in Nature are massive but seem effortless.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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