Do cities play a role in your success?

Do cities play a role in your success?

Cities shape us.

There is no doubt about it. Cities with their culture, people, cuisines & ambience shape the dwellers. 

The environment of cities is crucial for individual successes as well.

## Exposure.

Exposure is must!

■ It becomes easier to become an entrepreneur if you reside in metropolitan cities. There are huge markets so you can witness the developments taking place in the businesses. The scope of learning is huge. You can meet great people with minimum efforts.

■ Maximum no. of candidates clear UPSC CSE exams from Delhi University  (DU). Do you want to know why?

– the atmosphere, you can join coaching in your first or second year itself as they last in between 2-2.5 hours (i.e. easily manageable with college).

– study material & guidance is available. 

## Culture.

Culture of city you live in is crucial.

Some cities are cosmopolitan in thinking & expression. So, staying for long there will change your outlook. Outlook is everything. It hugely dictates how we live our lives. 

Your dreams can come true!

That’s why we call some cities as “city of dreams” because they have all the ingredients that allows people to fulfil their dreams”. Only thing required is hard-work. Once you are willing to work-hard, these cities throw up many opportunities to you. That’s the beauty.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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