No one is qualified to say one thing.

No one is qualified to say one thing.

“Your dreams are not possible”.

No matter how you speak, what you do, how you dress up, how much is your current pay-scale, what is your education, etc. 

Dreams are possible.

No one in this world is qualified to say, “You cannot make it buddy. It requires this ….& that….see yourself where you are now….”.

If someone says so it shows their immaturity. 

## Why?

Life is a very unique. Here the winners are the most hard-working & persistent. 

Here nothing matters. Only your willingness to work-hard.

Yes, your dreams are possible.

 Success is outcome of sacrifices & hard-work. We cannot have everything in life. So, choose your goals wisely.

Just one big success hides all your previous failures. So, keep going.

 The society will tell you that “dreams usually don’t come true” because in life majority of people live with broken dreams. You need not to be one of them.

Dreams are possible.

P.S. Have confidence. Believe in your actions. Only then you can overcome your fears & succeed ultimately.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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