Why you cannot break me?

Why you cannot break me?

You cannot successfully attack the spirit of extreme hard-worker.

## I’m a labourer.

Labourer = Hard-working.

I strongly believe in just 1 thing: Hard-work.

I don’t face any competition. I’m ruthless in achieving results. 

How can you break someone who is not interested in positive results?

My concept of life is simple which is “if I work-hard then I will always stand above average”. That is not bad!

What if luck & everything else is also in place?

I will become an overnight celebrity.

It is true for any field. So, keep working hard & don’t worry about results. 

## Benefits of being labourer of life.

To become an overnight success you have to work extremely hard. It is only to far-off people who believe it to be stroke of luck. In reality it is extreme hard-work.

Hard-work makes you fearless.

Being a labourer of life you can achieve sustained results over time.

 You will never fall down. The worst case possible will equate to just above average.

Hard-work is cool. It makes you fearless & enables you to take optimum risk.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav



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