Why you must act professionally in relationships?

Why you must act professionally in relationships?

Your time is limited.

You must act professionally with most of the people in your life. It simplifies your life.

I learned this the hard way. Few years back when I was in college, I started writing about self-help topics. So, many classmates used to flock to me to “know more about what I had learned so far”.

Usually they used to complain about their relationship with a particular person. I used to advice them in the best possible way.

But it was always astonishing to find that person giggling & laughing the very next day to whom he hated. [ I used to be like….he is the person on whom I wasted 3-4 hours yesterday!]

## Hypocrisy.

Hypocrisy is a reality.

Most people befriend others based upon the “utility” factor. The worst thing is that they live with people they hate to meet their ends.

They are the real hypocrites. You need to be very cautious about people in your life. Choose them very carefully. Relationships are two-edged sword. It can cut you deep or can elevate you.

Keep the attachments out of relationships.

## Why professionally?

 It is very hard to distinguish between genuine & the crook. So, better stay out of topics “relating to human relationships”.

Value only few relationships in life. For rest, act professionally. Save your time. Have the guts to say NO WITH HUMILITY.

 Every human being has this tendency to be good on the face of a person he is talking to. The realities are always behind the veil i.e. what he talks about you when you are not around.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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