The sad reality of final year in college life.

The sad reality of final year in college life.

Initial years at college are lively.

First year of college life is the most lively. There is an urge to meet & talk to fellow new inhabitants of the hostel. One enters the college with “shining eyes” & believing that his/her life will be completely changed after graduation. 

But after passage of few months everyone forms his circle of friends & college life revolves around it.

## Final Year.

Final year is the litmus test. It is the time when one realises the value of job. There is an evident desperation. 

“बस कोई भी जाॅब लग जाये!”

“Koi Bhi Job Lag Jaye”, becomes the motto of life for the time being. Then starts the hunt for job: on- campus as well as off-campus.

 Dreams gets shifted to next 2-3 years. The general trend is to first get a job & everything else will be taken care of afterwards.

 Reality hurts. One gets to know there are no jobs in the market.

## How to avoid such situations.

Become serious towards learnings, goals, careers & dreams by the commencement of 3rd year.

Work-hard & grab your dreams.

Work-hard to the extremes for next two years. You will see some ripples of your efforts. These “little ripples” will infuse rays of hope in you. You will be happy to realise & understand that if you work-hard for next 2-3 years~ your dream will materialise.

That’s just the beginning. You will never stop here….because you know. …मंजिल अभी दूर है।

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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