How to face job termination?

How to face job termination?

Be strong.

If you are working in a private sector then your job is not safe. Especially if you are at the entry-level positions.

The world is cruel. An owner of a company or firm cannot see running into huge losses. So, layoffs become inevitable.

Don’t be sad. Look ahead.

Given the highly competitive business world- new companies enter the market & give stiff competition to old ones finally leading to shut down.

Due to availability of “information you need” on just a click of mouse, the competition has soared dramatically.

## It’s just a discontinuity.

I know I’m harsh when I ask you to assume your termination as a discontinuity. Just like good relationships break, so does a job you like may no longer be yours.

## You will find new.

Just like new people enter into our life, in a same way you will have a new job. Yes, it will be hard. Damn hard. But things will get better sooner or later.

There is possibility that you may even have to work at salary-cut in a new company but go for it if you don’t have any other option.

## Re-start your life.

Work-hard: the last resort.

That’s the only option. You have to get back your life on track. Do whatever it takes. Work day in & day out. A new path will re-appear.

## Don’t expect people to be nice.

Even if you had been good to others in their bad times, don’t expect them to be nice to you. 

You can handle everything.

P.S. Life is cruel. You have no option but to face it strongly.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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