What’s the only way to get rich?

What’s the only way to get rich?

## Borrow & Invest.

Borrow, Spend, Grow & Repay.

You cannot get rich by saving. If you don’t have collateral to get loans from formal sources then take it from informal sources (yes, they will charge you exorbitantly but that’s how you go), if you don’t have any corpus borrow, etc.

Is that risky? Of course! Yes.

But you can’t get too far in life being timid & risk-averse.

What most business people do is that they keep borrowing from one source or the other. They just keep rotating the money. 

They invest money & if the make huge profits then they have learned the “art of money rotation”. That’s how business is conducted. Your money has to be in circulation to reap you benefits over a long period of time.

## What about interest rate?

Profits p.m. 》interest rate p.m.

If you will think like an employee then you will never go for taking loans. Suppose you get a loan for 12 L @ 12%. Then spreading the interest rate per month will be 12K which might sound huge.

Invest wisely.

But a businessmen takes it other way. His job is to invest those 12 L in such a way that profits are far greater than 12K p.m. or even he may be convinced to undergo losses as well to earn huge profits in the long-term.

P.S. Follow the thumb rule “Borrow & Invest” only when you have learned about how to conduct business & have human & other resources.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav



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