Life lessons from old wise men.

Life lessons from old wise men.

What they told was true.

By the time I turned 18, I had realised one thing from my life & that was “what old people tell you” is true in most of the cases. So, you can put trust in their advice & plan your life accordingly.

## Don’t trust youngsters.

They don’t have any idea about life. They haven’t gone through painful experiences in life. I have seen many toppers failing in my life while those considered “mediocre” doing well in life.

Use their wisdom.

When I meet youngster & they tell me about their dreams, I’m thrilled but at the same time I’m apprehensive because they might not have tasted any failures so far & may not know that dreams take time. How one has to work each day without complaining & moreover how to remain focused over a long period of time.

## Only few.

Meet an old men, he will tell you that only few realise their dreams. If it is becoming an IAS everyone knows that selection is astronomically low. Same is the case with getting name in writing, music, sports & reaching the top-most positions in any industry.

So, the reality of life is best told by old wise people. They have seen life from very close.

## Limited Relationships.

Choose your friends very carefully. Let them be in very limited no. Above all, be in company of good people. They help & support each other.

## Live your life.

Life is very short. Don’t waste time on stuffs you don’t like. Enjoy it with people you love.

Live your life.

Don’t restrict your happiness to be limited to good times. Chill & relax because in the long-term everything gets better. Don’t be in pain cause of short-term failures or setbacks.

With Great Love,
Er. Amit Yadav

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