How to reduce fat without exercising & dieting?

How to reduce fat without exercising & dieting?

You would have come across many people who irrespective of how much efforts they put in cannot lose weight. It makes their life more stressful.

Accumulation of fat in the body is not only the result of lifestyle & food habits but genetic also plays a role (*there is no credible report available confirming how much but every report points to a link between being obese & the genetics).

Any rational person will give up trying to shape his/her body if no immediate outcomes are observed.

Here is a way to reduce your fat without indulging in exercising & dieting:

Though exercising is crucial for overall well-being but in most cases it fails to reduce your fat considerably. If you have tried your best & have been frustrated over the results then you can try BTL VANQUISH ME. 

BTL Vanquish ME.

Our team reached out to Sainik Farms, New Delhi to find out more about BTL Vanquish ME.

Fellow bloggers with Mr. K.S. Swaroop.

It’s the world’s first Broad field, Selective treatment that eliminates fat. The elimination of fat (from whichever part of the body you want) is by selectively absorption of fat by heating to a temp. of around 41 ° C which causes the permanent removal of the fat.

Mr. K.S. Swaroop demonstrating about BTL Vanquish ME.

## Fat removal by Vanquish ME.

You can get your fat removed from:

– Abdomen, back, buttocks, Inner outer thigh, saddle bags, flanks, back rolls.

## Is Vanquish Me safe?

Since the device is designed to offer higher impedance to body tissues with higher resistance. So, it selectively heats the fat tissues which have higher resistance leaving other tissues unaffected. 

Also, it is non-contact (the device doesn’t touches the body, painless & of course non-surgical. It is approved by US FDA & hence fulfills all the international parameters of safety. 

Live demonstration.

Saw the demonstration of the device, the person undergoing BTL Vanquish ME gave encouraging & positive feedbacks.

## Operation Time.

Operation time is around 40-45 minutes. Fat is removed in sessions. One may need to undergo 1- 3 sessions depending upon the fat size.

BTL Vanquish ME.

In case you need more info about BTL Vanquish ME you can reach out to Mr. K.S. Swaroop, SM, BTL Aesthetics- India.


With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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