Doing what 2 things will make your life cool?

Doing what 2 things will make your life cool?

Work-hard & Smile.

## 1. Hard-work.

If you keep working hard then money keeps flowing & hence you can make better financial decisions about life.

It keeps fear, anxiety & sadness at bay.

 You receive better results.

 Once one is convinced that hard-work is very crucial for sustained success & at large for life, it becomes easy to work-hard.

Radiate light.

You will certainly realise sooner or later that with hard-work everything is possible. 

 Your life will be very adventurous. As 1/3rd of the life is centred around work. So, if you are laborious, your life will be pretty simple.

##2. Enjoying.

Enjoy a lot.

That’s the right use of your time & resources.

 If you are happy & jovial then it makes your surrounding positive & enables peak-performance.

People want to be in your company.

Life is exciting & funny.

It is far more easier to chase your dreams when you are happy.

Your relationships improve.

Fill your life with colors.

You begin to radiate a mystic shine & it gives hope to others that they can also live their life happily.

You become a source of inspiration to others.

You build a social capital by leaving an indelible mark on others.

You enable yourself to let go of worries & live life like a butterfly.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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