Can working from home can be fun?

Can working from home can be fun?

Yes. It is often believed that working from home is boring. Work-from-home is not all about sitting in front of the laptop all the time.

Work-from-home is fun.

## No Boss.

Freelancers are treated with much respect. The person under whom you work for completion of project will always be soft spoken to you.

You are not an employee of the company so you are handled with care & no one will be rude to you (*even if you miss the deadlines).

## More Time.

You save at least 1.5-2 hours each day in comparison to employees of companies as you don’t have to commute.

Hence, you are left with more time to spend with family & friends. Even you can easily pursue your hobbies which otherwise is difficult owing to scarcity of time.

## Lively conversation.

Funny conversations.

You can have lively conversations with Sr. Executives & Founders of the companies which otherwise is difficult to have as an employee.

## Respect.

Not many freelancers in India so they carry high respect in metropolitan cities. They are generally unheard of in small cities & towns.

## Connections.

Work-from-home allows you to develop connections very swiftly. It is because one can work simultaneously on many projects  (& hence get to know many clients).

Work the way you like.

P.S. 1. The greatest advantage is the foreign connections.

P.S. 2. It is solely up to you when you work as long as you can meet the deadlines & hence working hours are very flexible. 

P.S. 3. You can work the way you want- sitting on sofa, lying on the bed, in whatever outfit you want, etc.

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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