Be open to struggle.

Be open to struggle.

Be open to struggle.

When I see people working throughout the day & their takeaway is just few hundreds- it inspires me to be open to struggle. To work-hard & not to just sit back & relax. Everyone is working hard why I shouldn’t? 

## Why not?

Why not work-hard?

May be just because you had better educational facilities, guidance & basic amenities, you could perform well in life.

What if you hadn’t? 

You too might have been struggling. Life is hard at the bottom of the social pyramid.

Why not work-hard as if everything is at stake? Why not make the best use of time & money?

We often take most of the things in life as granted. Our education, expenses & other materialistic things we are surrounded by.

But what if you wake up & everything you own is stripped off from you?

Will you have the courage to re-build what you own today?

Will you be able to reach where you are today?

## You are a Hero.

Why not work-hard from this moment?

If you can engulf failures & take the right decisions even if you are stripped off everything then you are a hero of life. No one can stop you from succeeding in life. Go ahead & achieve your dreams.

P.S. Let’s pledge to work-hard to realise all our dreams. Say we are open to struggles. 

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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