Why the top-most positions are lonely?

Why top-most positions are lonely?

Loneliness at the top.

It is very difficult to find genuine people when you are at the helm of an institution.

Everyone below you will shower love on you but you as well are aware of “why they are doing so” & hence it doesn’t makes you happy.

## Artificial.

The people who are more prone to unhappiness are the one’s who are surrounded by flatterers. They know everything done in his favour is nothing but flattery.

Why life so rude?

## Time.

It is hard to spend time with flatterers when you know that your time is limited on Earth. How won’t love to spend time with family & true friends? 

But the nature of the job is such that you work for 12+ hours & hence very less time to have discussions & conversations with family members.

Heard of “do endure each day that you have dinner with family members”?


It speaks volumes of the hectic schedule of people at the top echelons of the institution.

Happy You.

But the good thing is that sooner or later you will learn how to live happily amongst fake people. Hence ultimately you will be HAPPY!

With Great Love,

Er. Amit Yadav


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